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TitanStraps were made to solve a problem.

Simple in design, long lasting, easy-to-use and highly versatile, TitanStraps excel at strapping down loads in any weather condition or climate.

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We were inspired after seeing countless rotten tie-downs littering our freeways, watching a contractor get whacked by a high-velocity bungee cord, and viewing ridiculous webs of twine, tape, and 12-gauge wire securing ladders, pipe, 2 x 4's or rebar.

TitanStraps are made from a highly durable, stretchy, long-lasting material thats been injected with a 10-year UV inhibitor. The straps are both cut/tear resistant and chemical resistant to most automotive fuels. Many holes along the length of the strap allow for lots of adjustability. TitanStraps can handle anything Mother Nature dishes out: sun, rain, ice or saltwater.

The straps work great for securing items to vehicle racks, boats, atv's, bikes, snow machines or organizing items in the garage and as a quick field-repair. We're confident that TitanStraps are the toughest, longest lasting strap on the market, so we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase. Give em' a try, you'll be impressed.